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ICR Series
ICR-H Series
PT Series

ICR Series

This product series is used for low and medium range pressures. It has quick change trim that allow to perform maintenance without removing the valve's body from the pipeline. It is usually used as a regulating valve (control) or as shut off (on-off action). It may be configured as fail to open or fail to close action depending on the actuator mounted over it.


Types: ICR-C, ICR-D, ICR-P, ICR-S, ICR-T and ICR-Z.

Diameter: from 1/2" up to 12 .

End Connections: Screwed: NPT Female threaded (according to ASME ANSI B16.11/96); Flanged: RTJ or RF #150, #300 and #600 (according to ASME ANSI B16.5/96); Welded: SW (according to ASME ANSI B16.11/96) and BW (according to ASME ANSI B16.25/72).

Control Characteristic: Equal Percentage, Linear or Quick Opening.

Trim Type: Standard, Noise Abatement or Anti Cavitation (1 and 2 stages).

Body Type: Globe.

Body Material: Cast Iron (ASTM A216-WCB), Stainless Steel (ASTM A351-CF8M) and other alloys depending on service conditions.

Leakage: Classes II, III, IV, V and VI (according to ASME ANSI B16.104/76), depending on the application.





Direct action: AN657

Reverse action: AN667

Sizes: Nº 34, 40, 45,
46, 50, 60, 70, 87 y 100

Diseño web: MDM & 08ka