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MAK55e Type

This product type is designed with a float as its acting device, it has a coupling flange. It is used as a level control valve in closed vessels, tanks, depots, etc., containing liquids. It is used in applications where the flow of the incoming liquid requires to be controlled. This valve type is as direct action, due to the fat that when liquid level rises, the valve closes; an vice versa, thus controlling n this way the incoming flow to the vessel. A precise level set point is possible to achieve positioning the float in the required place.


Types: MAK5e.

Diameter: from 1/2" up to 3 .

End Connections: Screwed: NPT Female threaded (according to ASME ANSI B16.11/96); Flanged: RTJ or RF #150 and #300 (according to ASME ANSI B16.5/96).

Mounting Flange Diameters:
Body Size
Mounting Flange
Ø 1”
Ø 4” # 150 RF
Ø 1 ½” a Ø 2”
Ø 5” # 150 RF
Ø 2 ½” a Ø 3”
Ø 8” # 150 RF
Ø 4”
Ø 10” # 150 RF
Ø 6”
Ø 10” # 150 RF

Control Characteristic: Quick Opening.

Trim Type: Standard.

Body Type: Globe.

Body Material: Cast Iron (ASTM A216-WCB), Stainless Steel (ASTM A351-CF8M) and other alloys depending on service conditions.

Trim Material: 416 SS hardened, 420 SS hardened, 316 SS, and other materials depending on the application.

Leakage: Classes II and III (according to ASME ANSI B16.104/76), depending on the application.

Maximum Inlet Pressure: #150 and #300 pressures (according to ASME ANSI B16.5/96).

Outlet Pressure Range: Up to 19 kg/cm 2 (depending on the temperature).





Float Type Ø 240 mm x 240 mm long




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