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VD277 Series

This product series is mainly used in multiple applications for industrial gas distribution or main gas distribution pipelines. Its working principle Is based on the pressure difference over its main diaphragm, that is its regulating part. It is equipped with an external pilot with an in built variable restrictor (this reduces piping), and a line strainer F597 type.


Diameter: form 1 up to 12 for VD277 and VD277S models; from 1 up to 6 for VD277H type.

End Connections: Screwed: NPT Female threaded (according to ASME ANSI B16.11/96); Flanged: RTJ or RF #150, #300, #600 or #900 (according to ASME ANSI B16.5/96).

Maximum Inlet Pressure: 100 kg/cm 2 for VD277 and VD277S models; and 130 kg/cm 2 for VD277H type.

Outlet Pressure Range: From 0,2 kg/cm 2 up to 50 kg/cm 2 for VD277 and VD277S models; From 1 kg/cm 2 up to 50 kg/cm 2 for VD277H type. Contact your local sales representative for other pressure ranges.

Control Device: Operated by a P6277S/2 type pilot or by a P67S/2 type pilot.

Fail Action Position: Fail to Open.

Control Characteristic: Modified Equal Percentage.

Body Type: Globe.

Body Material: Cast Iron (ASTM A216-WCB).

Leakage: Class VI (according to ASME ANSI B16.104/76).

Optional Accessories: Noise Silencer, Pre Reducer, F250 type or F254 type line strainer.

The triggering device is acted by a piston or a diaphragm. The reset is acted manually by a lever. In case of being used as an active regulator with built in slam shut, a noise abatement device is incorporated.

For the VD277SA/MN type de slam shut may be acted by over pressure or over and under pressure, but in this model the reset is always acted manually.

For the VD277SA/AR type de slam shut with automatic reset is acted by two pneumatic pilots (closed by over pressure and re opened at low point pressure), both set points may be adjusted within the pilots control range.






VD277, VD277S (built in slam shut)

VD277SA/MN (built in slam shut with manual pneumatic reset)

(built in slam shut with automatic pneumatic reset), and VD77H (High Inlet Pressure).

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